Grand Enchantment: To the Horizon (3/6)

Laurel Canyon – 3/6

It’s hard to leave Aravaipa. I felt my legs slow with every mile. I didn’t need maps to know it would end. 

Lavishness like that never lasts.

Back in the hot, dry world of spikes and dust, the trail rose to a ridge and put my future on display.

I stared out at the peaks of the Santa Teresas, rising out of the low desert like a fortress. Behind them, across a vast nothing in between, the Pinalenos loomed like distant shadows.

I looked at my weary feet, caked in dried mud, and knew they’d carry me first to one, then the other, and then beyond the curve of the horizon.

What a feeling it is to move across the earth.

3 thoughts on “Grand Enchantment: To the Horizon (3/6)

  1. I am getting the itch to get out there my friend… your writing is inspirational to say the least.

  2. Daniel, loving every story you tell. The pictures are awesome too. Keep them coming!

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