Grand Enchantment: To the Horizon (3/6)

Laurel Canyon – 3/6

It’s hard to leave Aravaipa. I felt my legs slow with every mile. I didn’t need maps to know it would end. 

Lavishness like that never lasts.

Back in the hot, dry world of spikes and dust, the trail rose to a ridge and put my future on display.

I stared out at the peaks of the Santa Teresas, rising out of the low desert like a fortress. Behind them, across a vast nothing in between, the Pinalenos loomed like distant shadows.

I looked at my weary feet, caked in dried mud, and knew they’d carry me first to one, then the other, and then beyond the curve of the horizon.

What a feeling it is to move across the earth.

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  1. I am getting the itch to get out there my friend… your writing is inspirational to say the least.

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