Grand Enchantment: The Second Day (2/27)

Montana Mountain – 2/27

The secret to long distance hiking isn’t walking far in one day, it’s waking up and doing it again, day after day after day.

Everything hurts. The trail reveals all your soft places, leaving them bruised and aching. Hips worn raw from the pack’s weight. Hands torn up from thorns. Back and shoulders sore. Legs heavy and tired.

But I woke up and did it again.

I struggled down a wash then up a beautiful wide mountain surrounded by rocky desert peaks, then dropped over a high pass into a steep, boulder choked canyon were cliff dwellers once lived in a small cave fifty feet over a rocky stream. Tracing the stream higher and higher, sometimes following no more than pools of water trapped in stone, I climbed from the desert floor until the world stretched below me. Far in the distance Phoenix glowed and I could almost trace the last two days through the jagged peaks and canyons along the horizon. 

I slept looking out at the world. The pieces I’d crossed and the pieces yet to come, the ones that are part of yesterday and the ones waiting for the next tomorrow, the next day I’d wake up and do it again.

6 thoughts on “Grand Enchantment: The Second Day (2/27)

  1. There you are😍 I hadn’t seen your trail name as the author of this entry until I finished reading this blog entry. Once I saw your trail name I knew why I’d enjoyed the writing so much. Welcome back Out of Order!!!

  2. Your writing so clearly describes the pain and beauty of your journey. Keep placing one foot in front of the other…..

  3. What a great pleasure and earned priveledge to be on such a mountain viewing the desert around you at sunset! If we cannot be there it is mighty fine to imagine you there! Getting to such places should cost the price of the effort and tenacity you put forward.

  4. I am so delighted to be reading your hiking blogs again, and enjoying the hike with you! I look forward to it every morning! I read “Wild” (about the woman who did the PCT) the day before your blog started and I realized how spoiled I am by the gift of your writing. Glad to be enjoying it again! Glad you’re getting your Grace back and honing your body and your writing gifts. Thanks so much!

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