Grand Enchantment: Old Friend (2/24)

10993393_10100771350753704_6485460442131047328_n“Got another adventure in you, hat?”

“Yea, probably.”

22 thoughts on “Grand Enchantment: Old Friend (2/24)

  1. Hey Daniel, good to see you’re back! Where you heading next? We talked briefly after your presentation at Midwest Mountaineering a while ago. I’m the guy from St. Paul who is doing the Miss. R. from Itasca down, three days at a time. Last fall I got as far down as Burlington, IA. I am getting anxious to resume the trip. I’m upping the ante this year to 5-7 day stints, hopefully one trip a month. Just got a new used kayak from Midwest Mountaineering and have spent the last six freezing Sundays in ‘pool sessions’ practicing rescues, etc. Looking forward to you ‘getting lost’ again. Your ‘out of order’ got my attention. Thank you. Dennis Van Norman

  2. Way to go Daniel. I am ready and waiting, with my reading glasses in hand. Still hoping that someday soon you will write a book about your trip from Angle Inlet to Key West and back. If you don’t get to it soon I may just have to be satisfied with this new Blog, since I will soon be 82 and sure not getting any younger. When are you planning on starting?

    Good Luck on your new Adventure.

  3. What’s NEXT, Daniel? Miss your postings and would still love to see a book! Love from Hawaii!

  4. Hey Daniel! I’m so excited to hear from you again. Get going and writing again. I have missed following you. Don’t forget to pack your dancing shoes!! Carrie

  5. Oh Good!

    On Tue, Feb 24, 2015 at 10:37 AM, Predictably Lost wrote:

    > Out of Order posted: “”Got another adventure in you, hat?” “Yea, > probably.” “

  6. I am ready, bring on the adventure! Your posts took me there, although this adventure looks to be a little dry. Not looking forward to ‘feeling’ the bloody blisters on the hike, but for you? I will power through.

  7. Hey, ho, Daniel. What a surprize to get your blog post. I was up on Dog Mountain a couple of days ago snowshoeing on my new trails with the Kam Valley girls and we were speaking fondly of you……the crazy one who did my Dog Mountain Portage with kayak!!!! You have continued to be in our thoughts. Looking foward to hearing of your new trail routes…..or waterway routes. LIfe continues to unfold as an adventure. The Kaministiquia River folks will be along for the ride.

  8. Happy new year Daniel. Can’t wait to hear about your new adventure. On Feb 24, 2015 11:37 AM, “Predictably Lost” wrote:

    > Out of Order posted: “”Got another adventure in you, hat?” “Yea, > probably.” “

  9. How exciting! Can’t wait to hear ( and read) about your next adventure ! Funny, I was thinking about you the other day when I found your card, and presto! A cryptic notification in my email! Hope you have been keeping well. As ever, Brenda On 2015-02-24 1:37 PM, “Predictably Lost” wrote:

    > Out of Order posted: “”Got another adventure in you, hat?” “Yea, > probably.” “

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