Angle to Key West: Ringed by Fire (10/2)


Baril Lake, just west of Baril Portage – October 10, 2013

Winter has set the forest on fire. The high canopy glows over the evergreen conifers. It explodes in flames above the green branches. Golden-yellow leaves shimmer in the wind and burn like shades of sunlight.

The sun itself flees from the world and races to the south every day as if running from the flames. Birds follow, their long lines stretched across the sky, always pointing across my left shoulder, always toward the sun, always toward warmth.

Dawn stretches into the day. Night carves away the afternoon. I stare at the yellow leaves ringing the water and watch them burn away like a fading memory. I watch the wind snap up handfuls and send them fluttering down, spinning in the air, falling to the water. They float pass the bow, ashes from winter’s fire, but there is no heat, no smoke, only my breath in the air and winter telling me to hurry.

5 thoughts on “Angle to Key West: Ringed by Fire (10/2)

  1. I’ve been hoping for some comments on the northern lights. They have been bright further south in Minnesota the last few weeks, have you seen them?

    I really enjoy your blog.

  2. I love this description of autumn along lakes and streams. Paddle fast….you know what comes next!

  3. Steve and I agree that we need to have a signed copy of that book you’re going to write! This post is pure poetry, and we’re homesick for Fall, although our Florida version of it is upon us.

  4. Homesick, for sure. This post beautifully captured the feeling of winter descending. The yellowing and falling of the birch leaves seems to occur in-time with the days shrinking and the cold of your breath showing up. Take good care, Daniel!

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