Angle to Key West: Press On (8/31)


Three miles west of Ghost River, Lake Superior – August 31, 2013

I wake pressed between two sheets of grey. The thick, low clouds reflect against the still water and make the air feel heavy and tight. I float off the coast, relishing the calmness and looking at the cell towers rising above Wawa at the back of a bay.

I think of stopping, of fresh food, of the name of a friend’s friend scribbled on a card and the chance at a roof to sleep under. I’ve been out a week since Sault Ste. Marie. I could use the short day. The clouds look ready to burst.

The next town is 130 miles away, five days in perfect weather, ten or more in bad. I add up the food still stashed in my hull.

“Barely enough,” I think.

I want to turn. I can almost taste the hamburger, the basket of fries, the scoops of ice cream over slices of blueberry pie. I feel the comfort of a roof, the chance to shower, the warmth of four solid walls. Everything weighs in favor of stoping except the smooth, silver water stretched out to the horizon.

It is enough.

I take one last look toward civilization and press on.

8 thoughts on “Angle to Key West: Press On (8/31)

  1. What a choice to make! Glad your hulls were full!

    We got the beginnings if equipment delivered yesterday. Have shelter water and radio along with rope headlamp and dry bags. Now to spend the winter dreaming of where to use them!!

  2. I stopped getting your daily sends for a while and I’m glad to know you’re still on the trail – albeit tired, hungry and cold. Weather here in Venezia turned cold just the other day and I know you’re in much colder climes. Maybe not too cold to appreciate my offer of gelato – as much as you can eat – should we meet up some day. You are my hero.

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