Angle to Key West: End of Huron (8/18)


Sugar Island, Western end of Lake Huron – August 18, 2013

Huron’s distant shore rose out of the water, growing from a smear of dark grey on the horizon. Shadow and light filled the empty space. Lines carved away the surface, added details, grew into trees and rocks that became real and crowded every side.

Islands cut the lake apart, broke it into pieces, and filled the cracks. Cliffs rose and pushed the water into narrow channels. The land grew giant, devouring space as the lake shrunk away and disappeared, transformed into a river.

I paddled upstream into twilight, watching the sky turn purple, feeling as if Huron slipped by too fast, like I barely knew it before it was gone and forgot to say goodbye.

3 thoughts on “Angle to Key West: End of Huron (8/18)

  1. “Land of the silver birch, Home of the beaver, Where still the mighty moose wanders at will, Blue lake and rocky shore, I will return once more. boom-did-e-a-dah Boom did e-yah-dah Boom”
    This childhood camp song runs through my head when I think of you paddling the rocky shores of the great lakes. PADDLE ON fearless one!

    1. AH, Norma, that lit a happy campfire in my memories!
      So, Daniel, are you heading back to Two Harbors, MN? Or do you plan to go all the way back to your start? Just remember the cold weather comes fast in the great northwoods!

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