Angle to Key West: One Year (6/11)

Love You

Highlands, NJ – June 11, 2013

“Did I just get preempted for a big fish?”

Wally, it was a whale. They aren’t fish, they’re mammals.

“A whale, whatever, you preempted me for a whale?”

Don’t sell yourself short, it was a whale and New York City.

“I dragged you across how many portages without complaint?”

Um…without complaint?

“I fixed how many bruised muscles and joints? I paddled how many days and nights? I shivered in the cold of winter. I burnt under the sun. I repaired salt-encrusted skin. I fixed cracked heels. I fought off leaches, mosquitoes, and noseeums. I stared down alligators, crocodiles and sharks. Not for days. Not for weeks. Not for months. For an entire year and you preempt me on our anniversary for a whale you saw for all of five seconds?”

But it was a whale!

“Now I know how all your ex-girlfriends felt on Valentine’s day.”

It’s a corporate holiday!

“It’s important to me!”

It is?

“Yes! You’d know that if you loved me.”


“Well, no, not at all, I actually hate Valentine’s Day, but whatever, you preempted me for a fish.”


“Whatever. You always do this!”


“This, this is just like you! I should have listened to my mother.”

Are we breaking up?

“At least your exes got the satisfaction of knowing they didn’t end up with some guy who sleeps under bridges in Jersey.”

Dodged that bullet!

“But me? No, I was there sleeping under the bridge too.”

Life is cruel sometimes, isn’t it?

“So cruel.”

Like a bird shit coated duck blind.

“Don’t even get me started.”

Happy One Year, Wally!

“Happy One Year.”

4 thoughts on “Angle to Key West: One Year (6/11)

  1. Thanks for sharing this past year with us. It’s been a hectic of a ride reading your posts…so wonderfully detailed and vivid…all the laughter, tears, worry, and joy…it’s been an awesome ride from the comfort of my chair. You are a beautiful soul, Daniel. Much love~

  2. Thanks for sharing Wally with us, too, Daniel! Always a good reality check, eh? (Gotta start saying eh? at the end of sentences soon, eh?) “Dodged that bullet.” Hey. Hey.

  3. To Wally: Hang in there. There are better days ahead. You will soon experience poutine, pate chinois, lumberjack breakfast, Nanaimo bars, Tim Horton’s Timbits, beaver tail, ketchup chips, tourtiere, Bloody Caesar, Kokanee beer (my favorite!) and strawberry rhubarb pie. Enjoy, aye!

  4. I love hearing from Wally. I wished you happy one year anniversary a few days ago, I guess I was a little early. Happy 4th of July where ever you are!

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