Angle to Key West: Broken Dreams (5/17)

Walking on Water
North of Hatteras, NC – May 17, 2013

I thought Cape Hatteras would be perfect. I looked at the map and saw the long line of islands curving into the Atlantic, impossibly thin, flanked by water on both sides. I imagined beaches, waves, and dunes rising off the shore. I saw postcard scenes and nights listening to waves and watching stars.

In the ditches of the Intercoastal, I told myself that it would all be worth reaching the Outer Banks. I held them out like dream, a perfect place to smooth the rough edges of weeks along the coast.

But now I’m walking miles across mud flats and dragging a loaded boat in a few inches of water. I can’t get to shore. I’m tired and soaked. I cringe when my paddle scrapes across sand. It is a nightmare made worse by glimpses of beautiful beaches, by knowing that everything I imagined exists just out of reach, hidden behind heavy, uneven work and exhausted eyes.

I try to see it. I look and stare. But mostly I just dream new dreams of far away places where things will be easy, beautiful, and perfect.

3 thoughts on “Angle to Key West: Broken Dreams (5/17)

  1. I so hope tomorrow will be better. Thank you for taking this journey and sharing it with us. Once you get to shore, take a couple days off to soak up the beauty. And, remember, you are doing an amazing thing, taking great courage, fortitude and hope. My thoughts are with you. Sue

  2. well, its surely a different type of trip than coming down the Mississippi, isnt it!… So glad you got to see the wild ponies…

  3. From the Bird Shit Hotel to dragging your kayak over the sands…not sounding too romantic. Breaks my heart to think of it. Maybe some better days ahead. Is the beach always sandier on the other side?

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