Angle to Key West: Beautiful Moments (4/10)

Just another sun on the horizon

South of Savannah, GA – April 10, 2013

Long crescent beaches with nothing but sand and trees. Blue sky and sunlight. A southern breeze and fresh air. Glass waves until the earth curves away.

Some moments are perfect. I get lost in the joy of them. And then they’re gone almost as soon as I realize they’re there, almost because I realize they’re there, because I want to capture them and I can’t. I can’t hold on.

They don’t work that way, these perfect moments. They’re not meant to be captured, not meant to be bottled and saved. They can only be lived.

4 thoughts on “Angle to Key West: Beautiful Moments (4/10)

  1. Oh yeahhhhh. I could not have said it better. In fact, I’ve said it befor myself. So much beauty, it takes your breath away every time……….
    Oh, wait. I can’t go out because my program is on tonight. The bright side is without TV those losers would be out in mass blocking our view.

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