Adventure Calls

Last year, I won Outside Magazine’s Adventure Grant. Nine months, 13 states, and 4,000 miles later, I’d kayaked from the northernmost point in the contiguous United States to the southernmost, Minnesota’s Northwest Angle to Key West, Florida.

I felt alive from the moment the kayak’s hull touched the water. The Boundary Waters, Lake Superior, the Mississippi River, the Gulf Coast, hundreds of sunsets, waves taller than me, freezing rain and gale force winds, miles of white sand beaches, sunshine and barrier islands, all of it wrapped in a grand adventure.

So what would you do and where would you go if someone handed you $10,000 and said go for it?

Here’s your chance to stop talking about it and start doing it. Outside is offering the grant again. My advice is to dream big, bigger than you ever have before, write it down, make a video, and apply.

Be careful though, adventure is addictive. When I got to Key West, I decided I was only half-way done. I put my kayak back in the water, got in, and started paddling back. Now I’m a thousand miles into the return trip. You can follow my adventure at I’m looking forward to following yours.

You’ve got until June 1st.

Go for it.

4 thoughts on “Adventure Calls

  1. You! You are dangerous! Always smiling that huge grin, waving that paddle around and going places. Now you are challenging us! What is that? From the comfort of my sofa I have endured the Savannah portage with you, I have prayed you through many rough patches physically and emotionally (weeks later mind you) On the great days during the Apostle Islands I have dreamed of being there – nearly able to smell the trees and water. Now you suggest one of us, perhaps even me, should consider leaving everything comfortable, known and stagnant and venture out there?? Oh, to be young again, so many things to do differently. I will pass this on to a young adventurer, and I will let you know if they answer the call of the wild.

  2. Great job staying on top of the blogging so we can follow along. congrats on completing an amazing journey.
    Kirk – Abacus

  3. PS: the printed word does not allow the smile, the dream in my eye, or the humor, the previous entry was written with. Thanks for going into the wild and finding humanity along the way. You are an inspiration.

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