Angle to Key West: Bad Luck (3/27)

Dry Dock

Delray Beach, FL – March 27, 2013

The boat looked odd upside down, floating half-sunk with its hull shining in the sun. I stopped and stared at it, not wanting to believe my eyes. I thought of everything inside, flipped and soaked with water, maybe gone. All the careful pieces I’d collected and saved lost in a single night.

I scrambled down and wrestled it over. It weighed a hundred pounds with all the water and took me three tries to flip. The front hatch wasn’t shut right and flooded along with the cockpit. Wet gear floated in a pool. Bags of food soaked through. I dragged equipment into the sun piece by piece, wringing out water, running through my mental list–paddles, skirt, life jacket, water bottles, sleeping pad, tent.

I pumped out water and watched the hull rise above the surface. I began to breathe again, realizing I hadn’t lost anything I needed, that a few hours of sunlight would fix the damage. Even Frank’s curved neck hung on the back of the boat by a strap.

“Nice job watching the kayak,” I said.

Ali clung to the front deck bag, soaking wet.

“You too, Ali,” I said. “You hurt worst if all. I expect this from Frank, but you? You’re supposed to be the responsible one.”

Ali didn’t say anything. He just sat there, drying in the sun, looking guilty.

7 thoughts on “Angle to Key West: Bad Luck (3/27)

  1. I yelled !! NO ONE CAME!!! Where were you !!!! You sank my home!!!!! What do you expect from a plastic bird. The solid one Fank

  2. Daniel…do you have your current course/ location mapped anywhere? Id love to follow you each day or so…. Hope all is going well and the rains arent too bad!
    Nancy T

  3. You’ve gone 4000mi without a ditching, no? How did the boat manage to go over? Just curious. BTW, do you file your posts with WordPress android app? Not having much luck with the app and beginning to wonder if it works at all.

    1. I’m not sure how the boat flipped. Maybe a rogue wave from someone’s wake or something is my guess. No flipping with me in it yet, thankfully. I usually set them up on a computer. The app on the iPhone and android was a bit unreliable, but works in a pinch.

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