Angle to Key West: Volume (3/12)

Alone Again

Bahia Honda, Florida Keys – March 12, 2013

The end felt inevitable.

Five hundred miles, two hundred, fifty, ten, four. It felt easy at the end, easy and loud with people and chatter, phone calls and texts, handshakes and hugs. The volume rose like Key West on the horizon, warm and bright, louder and louder as if an invisible hand spun an invisible dial on an invisible machine.

It’s quiet again now.

I slipped back into the water and disappeared. No one knows. No one cares. There’s no crowds, no flashing cameras. There’s no phone calls or reporters. There’s no one, only a whisper of wind and a battered yellow boat, a pink flamingo and a stuffed alligator, an old idea traded for a new, an end traded for a beginning, the inevitable traded for the impossible.

8 thoughts on “Angle to Key West: Volume (3/12)

    1. Mercedes you are too funny! How come you haven’t gotten him on NPR or Oprah yet?

      1. Anna, I haven’t tried Oprah, yet! But, since I’m getting such a generous compensation you know I’m dedicating all of my time – jejeje

  1. What’s this “I slip back into the water and disappear…No one cares.”
    I CARE and I know I’m not the only one. Muchacho, just say the word and the press train starts up again full blast.

  2. I know and also care. I bet I could track you down on the water if I wanted but sometimes a battered yellow boat, a pink flamingo and a stuffed alligator is all a wanderer needs, especially after a few days among all the tourist in Key West. Good luck on your new journey. Since you are leaving the Keys maybe you should give us a new name, Key West to ???????????

    1. AMEN to that!

      Of course he could turn right at the Mississippi and “cruise” up the Missouri, across the Continental Divide Trail, and down the Columbia. That portage is a humdinger, but i’m willing to meet him there with a gallon or two of ice cream.

  3. Hmmm. The Montreal to Green Bay route is certainly an interesting one, but you’re skipping the Apostle Islands and Pictured Rocks National Lakeshores, the cliffs of Gichigami, the caribou of Michipicoten Island, and the wolves on Isle Royale. Can’t do everything, i guess.

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