Angle to Key West: Curse the Wind (2/23)

Put me down!

North Naples, FL – February 23, 2013

I hate the wind. It feels so relentless and unavoidable. It wears into me, eats at me, pushes and pushes and pushes like a bully.

I only want to go a short ways, but the wind keeps shoving me backwards and I feel like that snail stuck in the well that ends up on every math test, the one that crawls three feet up every day then slips back two at night and the teacher just wants to know when he will ever get out of the well. Maybe that snail just lives in that well and won’t ever get out and go eat fried grouper and key lime pie or whatever it is that snails eat.

But the snail is always polite and I am not. So I yell at the wind. Then I plead. Then I mock it and tell it that I don’t care, that it can’t stop me, that I will paddle right though its teeth and it can’t do anything about it.

And that’s true, of course, part of it. I can paddle through its teeth, but it’s also a lie because I do care. I care a lot, because the wind is brutal and leaves me wrecked and slipping backwards two feet for every three and that is bad math if you want to get anywhere fast.

3 thoughts on “Angle to Key West: Curse the Wind (2/23)

  1. Daniel – keep on paddling for all of us who ride with your hopes and goals!!!

    Would you mind if I submitted your piece (post) on the Tilly Miller bridge in Carrabelle to the Times newspaper here in Apalach and Carrabelle? It would be under your name, of course, and a brief who you are and what you are doing to go with it. I have posted it at our Carrabelle Historical museum to help remind people of the importance of what you said in that piece, and the wisdom you impart – I want as many local folks to see it as possible if you agree –

    I had also considered submitting it to the Democrat, of course with your credit, because I think the lesson in that message is far ranging and very very important to help people understand and investigate their own sense of place.

    What do you think???

    Let me know and God speed to you in the wind and waves!

    Xoxoxo Mel Kelly

  2. I love math! but I do hear ya buddy. The wind sometimes makes me WALK backwards, and when will I get to the bus stop? Miss you!

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