Angle to Key West: 57 Degrees (2/17)

Hopping in the Looksha

Blackburn Point Road – February 17, 2013

The temperature is 57 degrees in Key West. I know because I heard it on the marine radio. That same voice that used to tell me the sky was cloudy in Kenora is reading off the temperature in Key West. It might as well tell me the end is near.

A man walked up to me today, a kid really, probably just out of high school, clean cut, his hair gelled in place. I’d watched him unload a canoe with his girlfriend and set it down in the sand. He’d never paddled before and wasn’t sure which way to go, so he asked me because “you look like you’ve paddled before.”

“A bit,” I said.

Then he asked if I knew this beach. I shook my head and told him it was my first time, that I’d come in from the north around Tampa Bay. He thought I’d driven. I shook my head again.

“You paddled here all the way from Tampa Bay?” he said, eyes wide, excited. “No way! You can do that?”

I smiled at him and nodded. His face lit up. He smelled like shaving cream, detergent, and soap. I smell like salt and mud. I can’t believe it’s fifty-seven degrees in Key West.

7 thoughts on “Angle to Key West: 57 Degrees (2/17)

  1. Wonderful picture D. But there is no “mud” in Florida, only sugar white, mosquitoless and noseeumless sands with just a hint of Canadian tourists! Florida Ad Council

  2. Your story reminds me of a time while hiking the CDT when I entered the state of Montana for the very first time. When asked how did I get there, I told them I walked from Mexico… The look on that persons face was priceless. Great story Bro, I am sure you sparked the imagination in that young couple’s minds. That is how the “adventures” begin sometimes, you happen to meet someone like you.

  3. Fifty-seven degrees….break out the tank tops…… was -8 here in Two Harbors this morning……not a mosquitoe in sight

    Hope all is well……great trip my friend

    Keith Larson

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