Angle to Key West: Valentine’s Day Dinner (2/14)

Valentine's Day

Gulfport, FL – February 14, 2013

No one could deny we were an odd group circled around a table in the Boca Ciega Yacht Club. My grandmother’s sister’s husband’s cousin Margarete, some of her friends, a Bay News 9 reporter and photographer, and me, two hours after I landed in Gulfport on a cold, rainy day. Margarete dished out bowls of tomato chicken soup, we squeezed chairs together, always finding room for one more, and ate, talked, and laughed.

The news cameras were off, the microphones unplugged and packed up, and our little masks of adventurer, newsman, photographer, retiree, friend, and relative, cracked and fell away in pieces as we handed each other hunks of bread and shared a moment of Valentine’s Day.

The masks would be back–someone has to report the ten o’clock news, someone has to keep paddling, someone has to dote on grandkids, after all–but not until we emptied the bowls and the last piece of bread disappeared. Not until we spilled out again into the night, warm soup in our bellies, feeling a bit closer to humanity’s magic. Not until we felt glad that we are still creatures who belong in a tribe.

6 thoughts on “Angle to Key West: Valentine’s Day Dinner (2/14)

  1. ‘Not until we felt glad that we are still creatures who belong in a tribe.”
    Beautiful remembrance of what is valuable in life. Thanks Daniel.

  2. Yes Daniel it was a great evening. Delightful to meet you and hear your story.

  3. We threw you into an unexpected reception, Q&A and TV interview and being the gracious and genuine person you are, you just went with the flow and never flinched!! Clearly it is that wonderful attitude that has taken you so very far.

    Good job on the relative of a relative of a relative of a relative part!
    Oh and that soup was tomato chicken florentine with tortellini, You mustn’t forget about the vegetables. What did Popeye say about eating your spinach? AND it was served in Chinet bowls no less. We did step it up and use genuine flatware. Only the best for you! LOL!!

    All kidding aside, it was YOU that brought us all together and what a wonderful evening it was indeed. Impromptu get-togethers are the best and this will forever be one of my favorites. Thank you for sharing Valentines Evening with us!!

  4. It was indeed a special happening, Bob and I felt privileged to be a part of it! I think the soup was the magic ingredient, Margarete!

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