Angle to Key West: Other Perspectives from Florida

Friendly Manatee

Tired of my rendition? Here are a few other perspectives on the trip:

Ben Montgomery and Doug Clifford came out to paddle with me on a rainy day north of Tampa Bay. They made a fantastic video and story about the trip for the Tampa Bay Times:

Paul and Kim from Bay News 9 came out twice and even had dinner with a whole group of us in Gulfport to make sure they captured the trip. The story got prempted by cops and prostitutes and shootings a few nights, but it eventually made it on the air:

Sean Rossman and I talked just after I met the Manatees on the Crystal River. The Tallahassee Democrat is my hometown paper so now my parents can be proud of me:

The Gulfport Patch came to a presentation I did in Gulfport and caught some great video of me talking about the trip. I just got off the water about an hour before this so cut me some slack if I look crazy:

The Gabber met me at the boat ramp in Gulfport and saw me paddling by on the Inter-coastal Waterway. It was great to met all the folks in Gulfport that make that such a special place:

11 thoughts on “Angle to Key West: Other Perspectives from Florida

  1. Great articles. And first time I have ever seen a manatee hug a kayak. If you click on the picture and get the larger version it is really sweet. Same for yesterday’s manatee picture.

  2. i love the Tallahassee article, and I also love that the first thing you’re going to do in Key West is key lime pie. Have a hurricane too while you’re at it!

  3. What a great reception to Florida, it was fun to see you talking about your trip and smiling. Love the attention you are getting and the reminders that we are the caretakers of our waterways.

  4. It was wonderful to meet you in Gulfport! The colors you picked for your “vessel” at the Industrial Arts Center were right on target! Be safe, thankful for all you’re blessed with, and have fun… every step…uh… paddle of the way.. Sally

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