Angle to Key West: Fuel (2/2)

Sea Grass and Clear Water

Butler Island just past Horseshoe Point – February 2, 2013

Will cannot fuel this journey. It can push you through a hard day, maybe a hard week, maybe a month, but it burns too quick for a trip this far, this difficult. It burns black and chokes. It won’t last.

Joy is the real fuel. Nothing burns cleaner, brighter, longer. Burn joy and you fly. Heap it on the fire, burn it all, burn it bright, because you only have to open your eyes to find more.

You have to find it around you. Invite it in. There’s joy everywhere when you look with eyes that want to see.

Yesterday was will. Today was sea grass under a glass ocean, a turtle slipping under the water, a solid blue sky. Today was a gentle north breeze, an orange smeared sunset, a night soaking with stars.

Today was joy.

6 thoughts on “Angle to Key West: Fuel (2/2)

  1. I love this. I also needed this. So beautiful and so wise and so generous of you to share that thought with us. Miss you.

  2. I am enjoying your trip along with you! I really enjoy your attitude and excitement – Thank you.

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