Angle to Key West: Milk Run (1/29)

Aucilla Landing

Aucilla Landing – January 29, 2013

Fifteen miles with a light load. Frank on board, of course. Ali too, even though he never talks. You don’t mess with luck, even on a milk run. Easy miles and back to the house because I can’t muster the strength to leave. Just a few hours. Test out the adjusted seat, the new deck bag, how my hand feels.

Fog comes, blocks out the sun, blocks out the water, nothing but my twenty-foot circle and calm. Milk run, I think and peer into white hoping no boats come blasting through the mist.

A dolphin stops by, the water is only four feet deep and he splashes next to me a minute then disappears. I turn up the Aucilla River and watch two gators slip off the bank, the first I’ve seen on this trip. Small. Little babies. Their eyes glide above the surface then slip away. Nothing but a ripple. I decide they don’t count. They only count if they can eat me, I think.

I load the boat on the car at a dock five hours after I started. I drive back to my house. I unload. The air feels heavy. I know a storm is coming. That is my excuse, that is why I came back, but really, I’m a rocket without enough fuel, rising into gravity too strong to escape.

Maybe tomorrow.

5 thoughts on “Angle to Key West: Milk Run (1/29)

  1. Suck it up Buttercup! I know this does not count for much since you’ve paddled many days since this particular journal post. Words to live by though. Just keep saying to yourself, day after day, “I will quit tomorrow!”,

  2. Every great endeavor is accomplished one step/bite/item at a time. It is only when we step back and ponder on the bigger picture that our minds flutter with doubt. Paddle on Buttercup.

  3. The pull of home is unrelenting. Maybe you should have done the trip South to North. At any rate, hang in there. Keep in mind the many who travel and grow vicariously through daily dispatches from Daniel.

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