Angle to Key West: Fresh Eyes (12/28)

Giulia in Pensacola Bay

Gulf Islands National Seashore, Florida – December 28, 2012

Waves rose and the wind pushed in our faces as we paddled across Pensacola Bay. I watched Giulia pop up and down, all but her head disappearing in the troughs between waves, and I saw myself months ago, back on Lake of the Woods, rising and falling, wondering if I would ever make it, each moment amazing.

Now a wave feels like nothing, just water moving under the hull, a shift of weight, a part of me. I am a routine, unconscious movement, habit. The details slip through my perception.

But I see them when I look at her, when I see the world reflected in her glance and smile. I see them in the way she looks at the water, watches it lift her up and slide her toward the sky. I see them in the bow of her boat on a wave, slicing up the face and sliding down the backside. I see them in the spray on her jacket, the wind rushing through her hair, the paddle in her hands.

I see everything again for the first time.

I see and wonder what else I’ve missed in life when I forgot to look.

11 thoughts on “Angle to Key West: Fresh Eyes (12/28)

  1. Back in Florida again! Congrats. It’s been a long ride, and I have been along everyday since Minnesota. Just wanted to know when you are going to be in Miami area so I can finally have the opportunity to meet you. Marty Perlmutter

  2. Yes, it’s a feeling you never forget being a newbie in the big swells. For some it is thrilling and exciting, others are just plain scared. For safety in a kayak the key is never get too complacent.

    Now that you have a companion, it must be a much different personal perspective on your journey than you have had over the last six months.

    1. So true. As soon as you think you’ve got it all figured out, the ocean will let you know that you do not! It was definitely a bit different, but sadly, she could only come paddle for a few days so I’m back on my own again talking to myself and my plastic flamingo.

  3. I have been following your story since you did an interview for a local newspaper in St. Paul, MN. My cabin is on the lake you paddled across after the Savanna Portage.Your story is very inspiring, good luck, be safe.

    1. Thanks, Kurt! Wow, I was so happy to get to the lakes after the Savanna Portage! They were gorgeous too! Hope it’s not too cold up there right now!

      1. Thanks alot for replying, I hope you write a book someday on your travels, not many people in the world have done what you have that is for sure. No need to reply to this one, once again take care I will be following your progress.

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