Angle to Key West: Something’s Coming (12/9)

Tree at Sunset on the Mississippi

Mile 240 on a bend before Baton Rouge, LA – December 9, 2012

The air feels heavy in my lungs, warm and wet, like I’m sitting in a steam room instead of along a sharp curve of the Mississippi. The sky is nothing but a grey ceiling and there is no wind.

A cold front is coming, the weatherman says, and I wonder where it is in all this hot Southern steam.

I want to believe it can’t be real, but the air is full of change. The cold will slide in like a wedge underneath this hot, wet air, and lift it into towers of black-edged clouds that shake the world with thunder and rain.

I count the days to New Orleans and know that even now, so close, they won’t come easy. Winter will chase me to the end.

The rain begins falling past midnight. Lightning beats the sunrise. The last storm before New Orleans is here.

2 thoughts on “Angle to Key West: Something’s Coming (12/9)

  1. Dan, You are reporting news after a couple weeks. I have been following you. When are you going to be along the Gulf coast. I might be able to help you out in some way. Bob Teare

  2. Daniel,
    Based on the video interview linked in an earlier comment , i suspect you’ve made it through Bayou Saint John, Lake Pontchartrain, the Rigolets, Chef Menteur Pass, and Lake Borgne by now. That puts you on the Gulf, somewhere between Bay St. Louis and Mobile Bay. How can we weather watch for you if we don’t know where you are?!?! (Yeah, vented frustration from my not being able to make this journey, too. I’m a couple of hundred miles from the opposite corner of the country and can’t even offer you a PB&J.) Clear water and light following winds to you!

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