Angle to Key West: Hard to Leave

Tipton, Iowa – October 23, 2012

Until you stop, you forget how nice it is to flick a switch and fill a room with light, to hear the wind beat against sturdy walls, to sprawl out on a queen sized mattress. You forget how it feels to walk along a grocery store’s aisles and reach for anything you crave, to turn a faucet and fill a glass with water, to wear clothes fresh out of a dryer after standing under a hot shower. You forget how easy it is to sink into a couch and stare at a tv for hours, to eat bowls of ice cream and handfuls of chocolate, to listen to rain fall on a roof.

Then you wake up, try to leave, and find that you can’t, that you aren’t ready, that you need one more day of knowing where you’ll sleep at night.

2 thoughts on “Angle to Key West: Hard to Leave

  1. Yes, yes, yes! So true! It is good you can appreciate both “worlds”.. It is so easy to slide into such easy access comfort, however, and like into quicksand, melt away conviction, intention, and balance. Without the inner strength you have found inside you on many occasions, you could easily drown like so many of us.

  2. This was carefully explained regarding the comforts of home. It makes me think about the folks in NYC.

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