Angle to Key West: Inside Scoop (10/17)

Quad Cities, Mississippi River – October 17, 2012

Inside information beats guesses anytime. It gets you picked up between rainstorms by Harlan and Suzie King. It gets the Looksha a ride on a flatbed trailer past the John Deere Pavilion filled with farm equipment in downtown Moline. It gets you a room in a warm house with carpets so white you’re afraid to take a step and a shower filled with hot water.

Inside information gets you a slice of taco pizza at Happy Joe’s that’s impossible to eat cleanly and looks like a kid’s invention. It gets you standing in front of the ice cream counter at Whitey’s staring at the menu with giant eyes. It gets you unsure what to say when the woman behind the counter asks what size pumpkin shake you want.

Suzie smiled and answered for me.

It gets you two adopted parents in Rock Island, Illinois, who know that the right answer in Whitey’s is always, “Large.”

2 thoughts on “Angle to Key West: Inside Scoop (10/17)

  1. I remember you had always hoped to find out you were adopted. The more great parents the better, I say. Muah to the Kings!!!

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