Angle to Key West: Frank the Superstar (10/9)

Lansing, Iowa – October 9, 2012

“Hey! That guy’s got a canoe!” the kid shouted.

I looked up and saw a pack of kids heading toward me on the sidewalk. I’d parked the kayak on the Lansing Library’s lawn so I could keep an eye on it while I sent a few emails home.

Not a single person seemed to notice the boat, not when I dragged it out of the city park, not up main street, not in front of the library. At least they pretended not to, I saw a few sideways stares, but no one said anything until that kid.

“After all we’ve been through,” the Looksha said, “you’re just going to let him call me a canoe?”

“It’s a kayak,” I called out to the kid.

But he ignored me and pointed toward the back of the boat as the group passed.

“Hey!” he said. “That guy’s got a flamingo!”

I looked down and laughed.

“They’re talking about you, Frank,” I said.

The bird sat back and smiled.

“Of course they are,” he said. “A flamingo in Iowa is much more interesting than a canoe.”

The Looksha shot me a look.

“It’s a kayak,” I said.

I grabbed the nose of the boat and started rolling it back to the river. No one said a thing to me, not until I got to the water and Ali piped up.

“You really got to stop talking to that flamingo,” he said. “It’s not real and people are going to think you’re crazy.”

11 thoughts on “Angle to Key West: Frank the Superstar (10/9)

  1. You have gone over to the “crazy” side just in time for Halloween………actually it started around June of 2012…………some say even earlier.

  2. Hi Daniel, Looking for a progress report hopefully your travels are keeping you in warmer weather.Gunner and Keith both say HI. I warned you about IOWA paddle faster. Hope all in well be Safe. Kenny

  3. Hi lost forever!
    I know about those pink flamingo’s!
    Thinking of you and wishing you well.
    Love you, Sally West, Prescott WI!
    I think I need to meet your Mom!

  4. Daniel, I am following you from afar. Hopefully you have some plastic to purchase winter supplies for the trip. Expecting our first frost this Tuesday in the Siberia of Florida. I know have seen many already. Kepp pushing taht paddle.

  5. “After all we’ve been through,” the Looksha said, “you’re just going to let him call me a canoe?”
    —-Your boat is a diva, too! So much attitude, just like the Daniel I remember 🙂

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