Angle to Key West: Live from Lake Superior (8/17)

Two Harbors, MN – August 17, 2012

I paddled into the small bay a few miles before Two Harbors. The water barely moved, but I could hear every wave wash on the shore and every breath of wind. I thought about landing and moving inland, but the cars roared along Highway 61 just beyond the beach so I floated off-shore and hoped it would be quiet enough.

I dropped my paddle across my lap, opened the dry bag strapped to my deck, and fumbled for my cell phone. I had a few extra minutes, so I drifted over the water, staring at blue-tinted rocks fifteen feet below me that glowed in the afternoon sun.

The phone rang and I picked up and Bob’s voice on the other end came through smooth and clear.

“He’s got such a great voice,” I thought. “I’m going to sound like a cartoon character.”

“Ok, it sounds like we have a good connection,” Bob said. “I’ll put you on hold for a moment, then we’ll be on the air.”

I stared at the rocks again, trying to focus on the beauty of the light in the water, hoping my heart would stop pounding. The Looksha rocked in the gentle waves and I smiled at her.

“What a crazy adventure,” I thought. “It’s all your fault.”

The hold music clicked and disappeared.

“Well, we’re very pleased right now to be joined by Daniel Alvarez,” Bob’s voice said. “As I mentioned earlier, Daniel is on his way on a 4,000 mile kayak trip…”

Listen to the rest of WTIP North Shore Community Radio’s interview here.

2 thoughts on “Angle to Key West: Live from Lake Superior (8/17)

  1. Dan,

    I enjoyed reading the Duluth News Tribune article on your trip. I am a 54 year old Contractor from Duluth. This past winter I pedaled a bicycle from Key West, Florida to Angle Inlet, Minnesota on a solo trip. I particularly liked your perspective on being perceived to be homeless on your previous hiking trips, I experienced the same reactions when I pedaled across the country!

    I work between Duluth and Brainerd, Mn. so I will be crossing your path quite a bit over the next few weeks.

    I will follow your progress, please let me know if you need any supplies or any other things while you are North of the Twin Cities,

    Roger Anderson

    1. Too cool, Roger! I think they told me about you in the Angle. I know someone told me about a person going from the Keys to the Angle on a bicycle and I imagine there aren’t many folks who do it so it had to be you they were talking about! Such a great trip!

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