Angle to Key West: What is Going On Here?

“What’s going on here slacker? No new posts for days. If we did this kind of shoddy work in the gut, both your arms would have fallen off by now.”

Wally, sometimes the wind blows and you get stuck on an island with three fishermen from Two Harbors for three days.

“Bah! Excuses!”

We’ll be back just as soon as I get back to civilization, quit complaining.

“Complain? Like I have time for that. I’ve got an entire shoulder to work on this morning! Someone around here has to do their job.”

If you’re worried about missing something, just follow the blog by email and it will email you as soon as something new gets posted! Relax, Wally, it’s covered!

“I’m not worried! I was there! Bah, you better be back to work soon or we’re striking.”

I will be. It’s a promise.

3 thoughts on “Angle to Key West: What is Going On Here?

  1. Accepting the $10K, if not legally, certyainly morally obligated timely, consistent, and accurate updates to the other 99.999% who are interested in learing and knowing about all the trip entails, but for many and diverse reasons…are not there themsleves.

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