Angle to Key West: Lake Superior (7/15)

Lake Superior, Grand Portage Bay, MN – July 15,  2012

I imagined the moment a thousand times before it happened. I pictured the richest green forest giving way to the deepest blue water. I thought rocks would shimmer like gems beneath the waves and the sun would fly over a clear sky. I believed nothing could be so beautiful.

I walked for three days down that muddy-green path. I felt my feet rip apart, felt my back crumble, felt my shoulders bruise to the bone as my imagination spun tales. By the thousandth time, I saw the moment so clearly that it almost felt real.

Then the forest broke under the Looksha’s yellow hull, water stretched to the sky, and all my imagination seemed pale.

3 thoughts on “Angle to Key West: Lake Superior (7/15)

  1. SWEEEEEEET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    (I thought you were going to say it sucked and looked so polluted!)

  2. Congratulations Daniel. My prayers and wishes for a safe journey down the big lake. I hope you have time to meet some of the characters and explore some of the small towns along the way.
    Robb Baribeau

  3. Guided to your blog by my nephew, Rob Alexander and I am so grateful he did. Your writing is fantastic. I eagerly await each post and am never disappointed. Ty and God speed your journey.

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