Angle to Key West: Other Perspectives

Three weeks in and I’ve almost flipped in waves, been mauled by mosquitoes, and yelled at by otters. I’ve also had the fortune to meet some fantastic and unique people along the way, some of them carrying their own pen and paper. I feel flattered, amazed, thrilled, and grateful that people have found the trip interesting. Thank you so much! On the rough days, knowing people are rooting for me makes all the difference!

Anyway, in no particular order, here are a few recent stories about the trip that I thought you might find interesting:

From my hometown paper, the Tallahassee Democrat:

Daniel Alvarez is taking the long way home.

From the Baudette Region:

There are not many places you can see a kayak being pulled down the street and then parked at the public library, at least, not many places except Baudette.

From the International Falls Journal:

Emma Pavleck knew if she was going to allow a stranger to spend two nights in her parent’s home, she would have to get her father’s approval first.

From my long-distance hiking friend Gesh from the 2007 Pacific Crest Trail:

Regardless of the when’s and where’s, we met as hikers do at some seemingly random juncture of adventures…

From the Florida Paddling Trails Newsletter:

For this journey he’ll be using a Necky Looksha 17. If there is a kayak capable of handling environments as diverse as the freezing inland sea of Lake Superior, the rushing muddy water of the Mississippi, the Gulf, and the uninhabited mangrove swamps of the Everglades, this is it.

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