Angle to Key West: Conversations with Dolphins (1/14)

Hello, Friend

Little St. George Island, Florida – January 14, 2013

I paddled far off the coast, beyond the crashing waves, until the water rolled like giant pillows and last night’s fear turned into smiles and sunshine. People walking the beach became small specks, houses became little toys, and two dolphins slipped close, popping up next to the boat.

“Hello,” they said.

“Hello,” I said.

“What are you doing all the way out here?” they asked.

“I’m looking for adventure,” I said.

“Oh,” they said. “We are too!”

“You are?” I said.

“Yes,” they said. “We hunt for adventure all the time!”

“You do?” I said.

“Wait,” they said. “Is adventure a fish?”

“No,” I said.

“Are you sure?” they said.

I shook my head.

“Oh,” they said. “Then we are not looking for adventure.”

They sunk under the water for a moment then popped up again a hundred yards away.

“Have you seen any fish though?” they said.

“No, sorry,” I said.

“That’s ok,” they said. “Good luck anyway.”

“You too,” I said.

And they disappeared.

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  1. “Wait,” they said. “Is adventure a fish
    “No,” I said.
    “Are you sure?” they said.
    —–This is so lovely :)

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