Angle to Key West: Up Rapids and Jumping Off Cliffs (7/17)

I’m off the water for a few days, but the adventure will continue as soon as I get back and the Looksha accepts my apology for abandoning her. That doesn’t stop me from reminiscing about a few things while I travel to South Bend and back. Here are two videos that help illustrate two of my past entries.

First, here is a video of me jumping off the cliffs in Anderson Bay:

Second, here is a video of what it’s like to pull the Looksha up light rapids in the Boundary Waters:

2 responses to “Angle to Key West: Up Rapids and Jumping Off Cliffs (7/17)

  1. I love these videos…especially knowing what you go through to set up the camera to give us a look see! You are amazing, Daniel!
    I wonder how many more miles of portage you would account for if you included how any times you walked back and forth to set up and collect your camera!

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